25th July 2014

Trevor Jones has written a report on the recent Somerset weekend, 12-13 July, at which the Register's 40th Anniversary was celebrated.

7th July 2014

I suddenly recognised that I haven't published Peter Baldry's report, when we met in Sydney! I was lucky to meet some of the Sydney Magnetters while touring in Oz. Although the only date that fixed my internary was mother's day, 6 MAGNETTEs assembled just to welcome me & my family. Well, I very much appreciated this and it was great to see and smell (!) a MAGNETTE, when we were guided to our next destination through Sydney traffic! Thanks guys, personal mails still to come.

30th June 2014

Here are pictures of the 18th Z Magnette Day.

26th June 2014

Here's a report of Silverstone's MG90

12th June 2014

Here's a report on the recent MGOC event at the Cotswolds Wildlife Park, where Magnettes were well represented.

10th June 2014

Here's another report from Mexico...

30th May 2014

Loz Scott from Australia wrote a summary of a very successful coming together of Magnette enthusiast from the two states of South Australia and Victoria. Read here...

29th May 2014

Here is a report from our outpost in Mexico. Luis Benito is very enthusiastic there, and makes some publicity for his country as well. Surely a nice place to go....

24th May 2014

Here am I back again after some weeks touring in Australia, where I met some very enthusiastic MAGNETTE owners. A first report already is online from Loz Scott, another from a meeting with the Sydney gang will follow soon. Thanks tp Stephen Tickell, who kept this site alive!
So, here we go with the news:
First I want you to inform, that there is a notice on John & Lou's website, that they are taking no orders at the moment, due to the recent high volume of orders.

Then we have pictures & report from David Halliday of the visit to Nuffield House, where 15 MAGNETTEs attended.